The Value of Values: The Book

Why write a book focused on value and values? And why should we be talking about the benefits that come from acting on values; isn’t doing good its own reward? Shouldn’t we leave financial benefit out of it? The short answer is: no. Absolutely not. Many companies freely acknowledge there are huge problems that need…


The issue of who first stood at the North Pole has never been fully settled.

Today, the issues of who controls the incredibly valuable Northwest Passage and the resources on the Artic Ocean floor, and who manages and preserves the lands and skies in the 8 nations surrounding the pole, has also not been settled.

There’s not much at stake – just the fate of millions and the health of the planet.

Weathering (before) the Storm

A vast increase in mollusks and other crustaceans could be a part of the solution to global warming, as they soak up and sequester carbon and nitrogen while deacidifying the oceans.

As both the atmosphere and the seas are near CO2 capacity, anything that will foster carbon sequestration while allowing the ocean to absorb more is welcome.

An inexpensive and abundant mineral called olivine may help speed up the process and tests are currently underway on at least one Caribbean beach.

Managed Retreat Advances

A new report on potentially inundated areas (PIA) shows that, by century’s end, more than 300 million people’s homes will be innundated or regularly flooded by rising seas.

This will likely result in massive instability, millions of environmental migrants (EM), battles over land rights and enormous economic strains over how to pay for any actions taken.

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to keep some galoshes handy.

Vertical Solar: PV Stands Tall

[The first in our 2-part series on vertical solar.]

Upright solar innovations that are radically different from – and take up far less space than – garden-variety solar farms may well revolutionize the industry in the next few years.

Some vertical panels can capture light far longer than horizontal ones, as they can continue to produce power even as the sun is low on the horizon.

As with the image of humanoids learning to stand upright, vertical just might be the next step in the evolution of solar.

A RISE in Gender Equity?
The Rating Index of Systemic Equality

It’s clear there’s a long way to go before real gender equality in the workplace is achieved.

This isn’t a drill, it’s existential, for it’s not only equity at stake, but profits. So what, exactly, must companies do to make that happen?

Here’s a simple tool for gender-equity measurement called RISE (Rating Index of Systemic Equality) that gives a clear picture of the company’s efforts, results, and opportunities.