Current to Current: A Rising River of Marine Energy

Just as humanity harvests only a miniscule fraction of the solar energy continually falling on Earth, we have as yet to make use of the incredible kinetic energy produced by the world’s waters. The Florida-to-North Carolina section of the Gulfstream alone offers an estimated 163 Terawatt hours per year in renewable, carbonless power, and there are prototype turbines already in the water ready to cable that power to shore.

There are challenges, certainly, but with oceanic currents touching every inhabited continent, a source of free power is about to be available to all.

Man: Grove. A Swamp Thing Creeps North

Uniquely adapted to low-oxygen, high-saline environments, mangroves have historically populated, and protected, exclusively equatorial and sub-tropical shorelines.

But with sea levels beginning to submerge coastal communities and crops around the globe, drastic action is needed to protect as much coastline as possible – including in the temperate zone.

Happily, mangroves are already marching northwards, and that march is being encouraged by global warming, which is opening up new areas where mangroves can thrive. Unhappily, they are also under threat from human activities.