Gonna Build a Lego House? Move Over Ed (Sheeran), You’ve Got Company

For all our elegance of design, the deconstruction of our buildings invariably ends in massive piles of toxic rubble.

Architects and ingineers are working to unbuild our structures as thoughtfully as we build them.

The useful lives of such Reversible Buildings transcend market conditions, making them far safer investments than standard structures.

The question is, will we take the wrecking ball to our current model of construction?

Vietnam Varietals: The Race to Save Rice

Rice is the single most essential food crop on Earth, the staple food of billions. Yet around the world, many rice varieties – and millions of other plant species – are being sorely tried by climate conditions they aren’t genetically adapted to.

Still, some varieties can manage higher temperatures, wetter or drier conditions, and various elevations, better than others.

Within its slender curves, Vietnam boasts temperate zones, tropical rainforests, mountain highlands, monsoon-swept flatlands and – to the south and east – more than 2,000 miles of corrugated coastline. In other words, it’s an ideal place to search for such varieties.

This is not an academic exercise. Whole populations may soon be dependent upon the success of such a breeding program.