One Rule to Bind Them All: The SEC’s Proposed Rule Compels Emissions, Risk Reporting

The SEC’s new proposed rule mandates scope 1, 2, and – with exceptions – scope 3 GHG reporting along with reporting of other climate-based investor risks.
But aside from better informing investors, this will make it easier for companies to do things the sustainability community has long been screaming for: begin working towards meaningful science-based targets, (SBT); plan effective ESG strategies; and bring sustainability professionals into C-suites and boardrooms for keeps.

“It Was the Bad One, Mom”: A Letter from our Septuagenarian Kids.

Hi mom, hi dad. It’s us, the kids born in 2022, writing to you from 2095. As it turned out, we’re living through the IPCC 6th Assessment’s worst-case: the hellish ‘very-high emissions,’ scenario’ for 2080-2100.

It’s not the zombie apocalypse, mom, but it’s bad. How bad? What are life and climate really like at the turn of the 22nd century? Well, well, glad you asked.”