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Leaders can be catalysts, accelerating change inside and outside of their organizations. But the same capabilities that make a good implementer don’t make a good catalyst – organizations need tailored strategy, tools, and metrics to be successful catalysts.


Catalytic Strategy

Being a catalyst requires a different strategy than being an implementer – focused outside of your organization’s four walls and using techniques specially designed for catalysts.
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Catalytic Tools

A catalyst’s toolkit is different from an implementer’s. And creating tools for others – for example, for suppliers or customers – can be a powerful catalytic technique.
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Catalytic Metrics

Catalysts need different metrics – focused outward and also measuring the internal actions that catalyze action by others.
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One powerful technique for catalyzing internal action is demonstrating the business value of sustainability and responsibility – especially since, when measured correctly, the ROI is usually 10x to 20x what was previously thought.
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Valutus: Who We Are

We have extensive experience – a quarter century – working with leaders on topics such as what it means to be a catalyst, what it takes, and how to demonstrate the business value created.

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About Our Founder


Daniel Aronson

Daniel Aronson is the founder of Valutus (Latin: value, values), which specializes in creating value through sustainability and responsibility. Daniel has been researching, writing, and consulting on the environment, social responsibility, and innovation for 25 years. During his consulting career, he has led sustainability strategy consulting for Deloitte and IBM and has worked with global leaders in the field—including Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Philips and many others.

Over his career, Daniel has:

  • Conducted the first research that examined which sustainable value chain practices actually work
  • Created tools that, for example, make it possible for cities to set science-based carbon targets in hours instead of months
  • Quantified for the first time the effect of sustainability leadership on innovation
  • Created sophisticated, in-depth frameworks for types of sustainability-related customer-product fit (two dozen) and risk (1,000 distinct ones)
  • Cataloged dozens of different sustainability techniques (and their pros and cons), from common ones (e.g., substitution) to rare (e.g., transport-to-trade)

Daniel has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School’s class on strategic corporate citizenship and MIT’s Sustainability Lab, and has also authored and been interviewed for numerous publications (examples include how sustainability drives innovation, what sustainable value chain practices lead to success, and ‘hard wiring’ sustainability into organizations). He serves as Chair of the Award Committee for the Spencer Hutchens Social Responsibility Medal and on the Advisory Board of Sustainable Brands, and he served as Chair of the Ratings & Rankings Thought Leadership Council and the Responsible Supply Chain Thought Leadership Council of the Corporate Responsibility Association.

Daniel holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a BA with High Honors from UC Berkeley. He lives in the New York City area.

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