Vertical Solar: PV Stands Tall

[The first in our 2-part series on vertical solar.]

Upright solar innovations that are radically different from – and take up far less space than – garden-variety solar farms may well revolutionize the industry in the next few years.

Some vertical panels can capture light far longer than horizontal ones, as they can continue to produce power even as the sun is low on the horizon.

As with the image of humanoids learning to stand upright, vertical just might be the next step in the evolution of solar.

The Purpose and the Roller Coaster: An Interview with Andrew Gottlieb

[Adapted from a July 24, 2020 interview ]

Recently, we spoke with Andrew Gottlieb, Founder of the purpose-driven online marketing and branding company No Typical Moments.

The topic was Gottlieb’s other passion, a podcast series called The School for Humanity wherein he speaks with thinkers and strategists from all over the spectrum, with a focus on entrepreneurs and those working on sustainable projects.

He shared some of what he’s learned through interviewing so many interesting people. Here are the highlights.